Portfolio Reviews

Filter Photo is pleased to announce our 9th annual Portfolio Reviews as part of the 2017 Filter Photo Festival.

Participants sign up for twenty-minute face-to-face reviews and receive candid advice about their images, as well as information on getting their work exhibited and published. We are thrilled to have so many of our attendees walk away with connections that have led to exhibitions, publications, and the indispensable opportunity to network with their peers.

All Filter Photo Festival attendees receiving blocks of portfolio reviews are encouraged to sign up for our annual Portfolio Walk, where Filter VIPs will roam the room and the general public is invited to vote for their favorite portfolio for the 2017 Festival People’s Choice Award.

Please note that if you are able to attend the Festival for a limited number of days we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  Please see the reviewers schedules in their bios.

2017 Portfolio Reviewers

Click on a reviewer’s name to read his or her bio:

Kyohei Abe – Executive Director, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography

Matt Austin – Founder, Candor Arts

Jonathan Blaustein – Writer and Contributor, A Photo Editor & The New York Times Lens blog

Darren Ching – Co-Owner and Director, Klompching Gallery

Jessica Cochran – Independent Curator and Consultant

Jennifer DeCarlo – Director, jdc Fine Art

Alexa Dilworth – Publishing Director and Senior Editor, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

Catherine Edelman – Owner and Director of Catherine Edelman Gallery

Natasha Egan – Executive Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography

Dan Estabrook – Independent Artist

Jon Feinstein – Co-Founder, Humble Arts Foundation and Independent Curator

Jennifer Friess – Assistant Curator of Photography, University of Michigan Museum of Art

Genevieve Fussell – Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker

Larry Gawel – Co-Founder, WorkSpace Gallery

Aron Gent – Co-Founder, DOCUMENT

Michael Itkoff – Co-Founder, Daylight Books

Lisa Janes – Independent Curator

Corey Keller – Curator of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Kat Kiernan – Director, Panopticon Gallery and Editor-in-Chief, Don’t Take Pictures

Juli Lowe – Director, Catherine Edelman Gallery

Janine Mileaf – Executive Director, The Arts Club of Chicago

James Pike – Grant Program Manager, Graham Foundation in Chicago

Megha Ralapati – Residency & Special Projects Manager, Hyde Park Art Center

Carson Sanders – Co-Founder, Ain’t Bad Magazine

Martha Schneider – Owner and Director, Schneider Gallery

Teresa E. Silva – Director of Exhibitions & Residencies, Chicago Artists Coalition

Sabrina Smith – Co-Founder NARA Collective and Features Editor, Ground Magazine

Paula Tognarelli – Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography

Jennifer Ward – Associate Curator, FotoFest

April M. Watson – Curator of Photography, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Sasha Wolf – Owner and Director, Sasha Wolf Projects